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【平民英雄 ‧ 攝影圖輯(下)】在照片中,你看到了自己

    攝影: 陳德廉

28 Oct 2017


劉理盈 ( Christine )



On stage, Christine achieved more than just weaving an intricate pattern with the musical movement of her body. There was also a desperate fire to affirm the purpose of her existence as a normal person who could connect, feel and love. There must be something more than mere survival about life. Christine wants to fly.



陳冬梅 ( Tung Mui )


Tung Mui lives beyond the confine of her body. She reaches out to caress my heart by means of the artwork created with the subtle movement of her toes. Every brush of color recalls our paradise once lost. Tung Mui is a messenger of  hope.



游偉樂 (Billy)

他兩歲開始失明, 卻無礙學習,成績一直名列前茅,是港大教育學院一級榮譽學士畢業生。他寄過超過一百封求職信,皇天不負有心人, 他現在成了一位全職英文老師。


Billy is a survivor in darkness. Where others are afraid to tread, he can navigate with complete ease. So now, he can make sure that none of his students will ever be left in the dark and haunted by the demons of despair and loneliness. Billy does not yield to the gloom of despondency because darkness only makes him look brighter. Billy is a star.



黃子倩 (Joby) 和導盲犬 Yoyo




Joby made me feel special since the first minute of our greeting. She smiled at me as if I deserved all of her attention. And she transformed the whole shooting session into a reunion between long lost friends. Time was too short just to read each other by outward appearances. She offered me a glimpse into her blossoming life, and taught me the use of my eyes. Joby can see the hidden virtue of others.



陳禹齡 (Mary)



Every kid is an infinite list of possibilities, the discovery of a new wonder. I tried in futile to tell Mary what constituted a good portrait, and she found my absurd attempt very funny. To her, the incomprehensible is funny rather than annoying. She does not detest the mysterious.
Mary is an explorer.




九歲時,日行讀二年級,被某一種教育制度視為「不達標」。他升讀主流小學後,因為讀寫障礙,功課追不上進度, 情緒出現較大反應,後來Salina安排他轉讀被稱為「短命學校」的堅樂第二小學,學習情況大為改觀。


Frankly, I wasn’t able to find any learning disability in Yat Hang. He was ingeniously mischievous, never hesitated to look me in the eyes, very much appreciative of his mum’s company, and totally involved in the thrill of teasing the cat. The kid has already got everything that matters to a grown-up. Yat Hang is well educated.



蔡詠琪 (Katy)



I watched Katy ascending the chair like a rock climber. It seemed that everyday of her life was about reaching greater height. By now, she would have conquered the Himalayas 10 times. With all the essence of human dignity clearly shown on the table, Katy stands tall.



章世恆 (Andy)


「我是較幸運的人。」Andy告訴我。他的苦難, 讓他更明白別人的苦難。弱勢者總被提醒他們所缺乏的,但他們力量之強, 其實無與倫比。Andy是我遇過最強的人。

“I am the luckier one”, Andy told me. His suffering has made him the right person, with the right authority, to understand the suffering of others. While the weak are addicted to reminding themselves of what they lack, the strong will strive to work with whatever they manage to get. Andy is the strongest person I have ever met.




因為曾收容過斯諾登,Supun面對被斯里蘭卡當局「報復」的威脅,日子過得擔驚受怕。Supun像個自由搏擊手, 強壯、堅毅、令對手畏懼。但他不是身處一場公平的競賽。他另外的身份是一個丈夫、一個父親和一個兒子。他是一家的支柱,絕不能倒下來。Supun是一位超級英雄。

Supan looks like a kickboxer, strong, tough and fearsome to his opponent. But he is not combating in a fair game. He is at the same time a husband, a father and a son. The future of the whole family is hanging in the balance. He cannot afford to collapse. Supan is their super hero.

攝影/英文圖片說明 ‧ 陳德廉
統籌/中文圖片說明 ‧ 蕭曉華
協力 ‧ 鄭祉愉、李雨夢、伍詠欣
鳴謝 ‧ 香港婦女勞工協會、香港展能藝術會、香港社區組織協會、香港罕見疾病聯盟



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